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Our Story

Once upon a time....

We lived. We worked. We grew.

We grew up not so long ago in a world without email. Then we set up email. We learned about websites. Then we built websites. We learned about databases. Then we built database apps. We figured a need to manage calendars. So we built awesome calendar apps.  Then the world of ecommerce grew. And we built online commerce apps. And now the world is free and mobile. And we now build responsive apps. Which means we move data that is active. Which is why we are called Active Data

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Our founder, Susan Yee, isn't the newest kid on the block with lots of experience in cable television, web hosting, content management, online calendaring, new technologies, higher education, healthcare, government, and non profit markets for organizations large and small. She has appeared as a speaker for lots of different topics ranging from technology, entrepreneurship, women in business, and education. More Info.

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The Active Data network is full of really smart, dedicated, talented humans that are all about the digital world. Oh, and we love dogs.

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